District 19 Contacts

District 19 Accessibility

Angie M.

email: accessibility@dist19aa.org

District 19 Archives


District 19 Bridging the Gap

Heidi W.

email: bridgingthegap@dist19aa.org

District 19 Central Office 

Alison W.

email: centraloffice@dist19aa.org

District 19 CPC


District 19 Corrections

Jeanne B.

email: corrections@dist19aa.org

District 19 DCM

Sooz B.

email: dcm@dist19aa.org

District 19 Alt DCM

Shae T.

email: altdcm@dist19aa.org

District 19 Grapevine/Literature


District 19 Newsletter

Lorri J.

email: newsletter@dist19aa.org

District 19 PI Chair


District 19 Schedules

Katie B.

email: schedules@dist19aa.org

District 19 Secretary

Joe T.

email: secretary@dist19aa.org

District 19 Third Legacy

Colleen S.

email: thirdlegacy@dist19aa.org

District 19 Treasurer

Mike B.

email: treasurer@dist19aa.org

District 19 Treatment

Liz M.

email: treatment@dist19aa.org

District 19 Web Chair

Any questions or concerns about the site please contact:

Laura M.

email: webmaster@dist19aa.org

Central Office

(425)252-2525 can help reach D19 contacts by telephone.

Where to Send Contributions

District 19 Mailing Address

PO Box 13023, Everett, WA  98206

Area 72 Mailing Address

Western Washington Area 72
1225 East Sunset Drive, Suite 145-745
Bellingham, WA 98226

General Service Office Mailing Address

General Service Office
Post Office Box 2407
James A Farley Station
New York, NY 10116-2407